AFFiNE AI Introduction

AFFiNE AI is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance productivity and creativity across various professional fields. This AI-driven platform offers a suite of features that cater to writers, designers, and presenters, ensuring that every project is polished and impactful. With capabilities like instant content insights, tone perfection, and summary generation, AFFiNE AI helps writers craft compelling narratives effortlessly. For visual thinkers, the tool transforms ideas into detailed images and mind maps, making complex information easily understandable. Presenters benefit from the one-click presentation creation feature, turning raw ideas into structured, audience-ready slideshows. Whether you’re looking to streamline your writing process, visualize concepts, or deliver stunning presentations, AFFiNE AI equips you with the tools to do so efficiently and effectively. Dive into AFFiNE AI and experience a smarter way to create and communicate.

AFFiNE AI Features

AFFiNE AI is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance productivity and creativity through a suite of AI-powered tools. This article explores the various functionalities offered by AFFiNE AI, detailing their operations, technical innovations, and the benefits they bring to users.

Write Better with AI

  • Main Purpose: To assist users in improving their writing quality by providing insights, perfecting tone, and summarizing content efficiently.
  • Function Details: AFFiNE AI analyzes text to offer suggestions on tone, grammar, and style, making it easier to craft professional and polished content.
  • User Benefits: Saves time on editing and ensures that the writing is clear and effective, suitable for various professional and academic needs.

Draw Faster with AI

  • Main Purpose: Enables users to quickly turn ideas into visual representations like images and mind maps, facilitating better communication and idea sharing.
  • Function Details: Users can input concepts or topics, and AFFiNE AI generates visual aids that help in illustrating thoughts or plans clearly.
  • User Benefits: Enhances the ability to communicate complex ideas visually, which is particularly useful in presentations and brainstorming sessions.

Present Smarter with AI

  • Main Purpose: To simplify the process of creating presentation-ready slides that are both informative and visually appealing.
  • Function Details: With just a few clicks, users can input their content and let AFFiNE AI handle the layout and design of professional slides.
  • User Benefits: Reduces the time and effort required to prepare for presentations, allowing users to focus more on content delivery rather than slide design.

Generate Mindmap with AI

  • Main Purpose: Helps users expand their thinking and organize complex information through automatically generated mind maps.
  • Function Details: AFFiNE AI takes input topics and ideas and organizes them into a structured mind map, making it easier to see connections and develop further insights.
  • User Benefits: Aids in better understanding and retention of information, useful in planning, studying, and problem-solving scenarios.

Make Presentation with AI (Beta)

  • Main Purpose: Streamlines the creation of polished, professional presentations directly from outlined content.
  • Function Details: Users provide bullet points or brief outlines, and AFFiNE AI crafts these into complete presentation slides.
  • User Benefits: Ideal for quickly preparing presentations, especially when under time constraints, ensuring that the final product is both thorough and aesthetically pleasing.

Edit Inline with AI

  • Main Purpose: Offers real-time editing suggestions to refine and enhance written content directly within the text editor.
  • Function Details: As users type, AFFiNE AI provides instant feedback on grammar, style, and clarity, integrating seamlessly with the writing process.
  • User Benefits: Ensures high-quality, error-free writing, boosting confidence in the content produced.

Access and Activation

  • Method: AFFiNE AI is accessible through its website, with various features available immediately upon registration. Some features may require a subscription for full functionality.

Integration and Compatibility

  • Details: AFFiNE AI is designed to work seamlessly with various digital environments, supporting integration with other platforms and tools to enhance user experience and functionality.

Customer Feedback

  • Insights: Users have reported significant improvements in productivity and efficiency, particularly praising the ease of use and the high quality of the outputs generated by AFFiNE AI.

AFFiNE AI continues to evolve, incorporating user feedback and the latest AI advancements to ensure it remains at the forefront of productivity technology. Whether for individual professionals, students, or corporate teams, AFFiNE AI offers powerful tools to transform and enhance how work is done.

AFFiNE AI Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can AFFiNE AI be used in a local workspace?

Yes, AFFiNE AI can be activated in a local workspace. Users need to log in to their AFFiNE Cloud account and then enable AFFiNE AI within the local workspace environment.

2.How to activate Inline AI assistant in Page Mode?

To activate the Inline AI assistant in Page Mode of a document, users can select one or more blocks or select the text content. Then, click “Ask AI” in the pop-up Format Toolbar. Additionally, users can access AFFiNE AI by clicking on the “Expand sidebar” in the top right corner of the document, where the chat entry for AFFiNE AI is located.

3.How to use AFFiNE AI in Edgeless Mode of a doc?

In the Edgeless Mode on the whiteboard, AFFiNE AI can be activated by right-clicking to select content or by clicking “Ask AI” in the Elements menu after selecting one or multiple elements. The chat entry for AFFiNE AI is also accessible in the sidebar by clicking “Expand sidebar” at the top right corner after opening a document.

4.How does AFFiNE AI share my data?

AFFiNE AI sends related content information to third-party AI vendors only when the AI features are used. Users concerned about data privacy can refer to the AI terms for detailed policy usage and limitations.

5.Does AFFiNE AI have a free trial?

Yes, AFFiNE AI offers each AFFiNE Cloud user 10 trial experiences, allowing them to try the service for free without any charge.

6.After purchasing the AFFiNE AI service, are there any limitations?

Initially, users who purchase AFFiNE AI can enjoy unlimited usage. This benefit is primarily for early adopters of AFFiNE AI. Usage restrictions may be adjusted in the future.

7.What technologies are used in AFFiNE AI to optimize its functions?

AFFiNE AI leverages advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies to enhance user experience and improve the efficiency of its functions.

8.How does AFFiNE AI handle real-time feedback?

AFFiNE AI utilizes key technologies such as natural language processing to achieve real-time feedback, ensuring a responsive and interactive user experience.

9.Does AFFiNE AI support multiple languages or modalities?

AFFiNE AI supports multi-language and multi-modal inputs and outputs, which significantly enhances the user interaction experience by accommodating diverse user preferences and needs.

10.How is AFFiNE AI integrated with other systems?

AFFiNE AI is designed to ensure compatibility with existing technology ecosystems, facilitating seamless integration with other systems or applications.

11.How is the user interface of AFFiNE AI designed for optimal interaction?

The user interface of AFFiNE AI is crafted to ensure ease of use and accessibility. The design team focuses on user satisfaction by continually improving the interface based on user feedback and usability testing.

12.Can you provide examples of successful cases where AFFiNE AI was implemented?

While specific examples of successful cases are confidential, AFFiNE AI has been effectively applied in various scenarios, demonstrating significant improvements in productivity and user engagement.

13.What are the future development plans for AFFiNE AI?

The development team of AFFiNE AI plans future product iterations based on user feedback and market demand. New features and enhancements are continually being developed to meet the evolving needs of users.

14.What is the common feedback from users about AFFiNE AI?

Users commonly praise AFFiNE AI for its robust functionality and ease of use. However, like any technology, there are areas for improvement, which the development team actively addresses based on user feedback.

15.How does AFFiNE AI ensure user safety and data security?

AFFiNE AI prioritizes user safety and data security by adhering to strict data protection regulations and implementing robust security measures to protect user information.

AFFiNE AI Price and Service

AFFiNE AI Pricing Overview

Free Plan:

  • Cost: $0 per month
  • Features: Unlimited local workspaces, unlimited login devices, unlimited blocks, 10GB of cloud storage, 10MB maximum file size, up to 3 members per workspace, and 7-days version history.

Pro Plan:

  • Cost: $7.99 per month (15% off yearly subscription at $6.75 per month)
  • Features: Includes everything in the Free plan, plus 100GB of cloud storage, 100MB maximum file size, up to 10 members per workspace, and 30-days version history.

Team Plan:

  • Availability: Coming soon
  • Focus: Enhanced collaboration and knowledge distillation, with features tailored for team project management and automation.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Availability: Coming soon
  • Designed for: Large organizations needing customized solutions, integration capabilities, and dedicated IT support.

Trial and Free Version:

  • The Free plan offers a robust way to experience AFFiNE AI without financial commitment.

Additional Information:

  • No current promotions or specific refund policies are detailed. For purchasing, users can directly sign up on the AFFiNE website and choose their preferred plan.

Explore AFFiNE AI’s offerings and select the plan that best fits your needs to enhance your content creation and management processes.

AFFiNE AI Tutorial

Tutorial: Getting Started with AFFiNE AI

Tutorial Objectives

This tutorial is designed to help users understand how to effectively use AFFiNE AI, focusing on its core capabilities such as local-first and real-time collaborative features. It is suitable for users ranging from novices to intermediate levels who are interested in enhancing their productivity in a collaborative environment.


Before starting this tutorial, users should ensure they have:

  • A stable internet connection
  • Basic understanding of collaborative tools
  • AFFiNE AI installed or access to a hosted version

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access AFFiNE AI:
    • Open AFFiNE AI on your device or through your web browser if using a hosted version.
  2. Create a New Project:
    • Click on the ‘New Project’ button.
    • Enter a name for your project and select the desired settings.
  3. Explore the Interface:
    • Familiarize yourself with the user interface, noting key areas such as the toolbar, project canvas, and settings menu.
  4. Add Blocks:
    • Click on the ‘Add Block’ button to insert different types of content blocks, such as text, images, or code snippets into your project.
  5. Engage in Real-Time Collaboration:
    • Invite collaborators by clicking on the ‘Share’ button and entering their email addresses.
    • Work simultaneously on the project and observe changes being made in real-time.
  6. Use Local-First Feature:
    • Work offline without any loss of functionality. Changes made will sync once you reconnect to the internet.
  7. Save and Export Project:
    • Click on ‘File’ then ‘Save’ to save your progress.
    • Export your project if needed by selecting ‘Export’ from the ‘File’ menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I use AFFiNE AI on multiple devices?
    • A: Yes, AFFiNE AI supports various devices and will synchronize your work across all devices when connected to the internet.
  • Q: How secure is the real-time collaboration feature?
    • A: AFFiNE AI uses advanced security protocols to ensure that all collaborative interactions are secure and private.

Helpful Tips

  • Regularly save your work to avoid any potential data loss.
  • Utilize the block feature to keep your project organized and manageable.

Further Reading

For more detailed information on advanced features and troubleshooting, visit the AFFiNE AI blog or join the community forum.

Feedback and Support

For feedback or support, please contact the AFFiNE AI support team through the help section on the website. Your input is invaluable for improving future versions of AFFiNE AI.

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