Supademo Introduction

Supademo is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the way interactive product demos are created, shared, and experienced. Aimed at sales teams, product managers, and customer support professionals, Supademo allows users to effortlessly record and enhance their product workflows, personalizing them with chapters, interactive elements, and calls to action for a truly engaging demonstration.

The Future of Demo Creation

With its advanced AI capabilities, Supademo brings to the table a new era of product demonstration that is as informative as it is captivating.

Supademo Features

Seamless Demo Creation

Generate polished product demos within minutes, utilizing state-of-the-art AI for content creation and a powerful editor for on-scale personalization.

Enhanced Engagement

Craft interactive demos with branching paths and professional AI voiceovers to retain user attention and ensure your message is delivered with clarity and impact.

Advanced Analytics

Track and analyze demo performance with an in-depth analytics dashboard, gaining valuable insights into user engagement and behavior.

Team Collaboration

Work together seamlessly on demo projects with shared workspaces and the ability to protect sensitive information through blurs and annotations.

Global Reach With Auto-Translation

Overcome language barriers and extend your reach globally with Supademo’s auto-translation capabilities, making your demos accessible to a broader audience.

Supademo Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Supademo for free?

Yes, Supademo offers a ‘Forever Free’ plan, allowing you to start building interactive demos at no cost. It’s great for individual creators or small projects.

Are there flexible plans available for different user needs?

Supademo provides a range of pricing options from a Forever Free plan for individuals to customized enterprise solutions with comprehensive support and advanced features.

Does Supademo provide support for different languages?

Yes, Supademo’s auto-translation feature can translate demos into different languages, making your contents ready for a global audience.

Is there customer support available?

Supademo offers responsive customer service through their website for any technical support or inquiries you may have.

Supademo Tutorial

Getting Started with Supademo

Start by signing up for a free account and begin crafting engaging, interactive product demos with just a few clicks.

Creating Your First Demo

Follow the intuitive process to record your workflows and utilize the robust editing features to personalize your demo.

Sharing and Analyzing Performance

Learn how to share your demos across various platforms and interpret the analytics provided by Supademo to refine your approach based on user engagement.

Collaborate on Your Demos

Explore the collaborative features that enable team members to work together effectively on the demo creation process, ensuring consistency and quality.

Localizing Your Demo for Global Audiences

Utilize the auto-translation tools to make your demos understandable and engaging for users around the world, significantly expanding your target demographic.

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